Global Development, Sustainability and Society in Indonesia – Development Dialogue EP 06

In this episode of Development Dialogue, Al-Khair Foundation CEO Saif Ahmad talks to Prof. Dr. M. Din Syamsuddin, former Chairman of Muhammadiyah Indonesia and Dr. Fachruddin Mangunjaya, Vice Chairman at the Centre for Islamic Studies at the National University of Indonesia. The discussions touches upon the vital role of religious institutions in education, healthcare and social provision in Indonesia – and the role of faith communities in sustainable development and the importance of individual and collective responsibilities.

Professor Dr. Din Syamsuddin is a professor of Islamic Political Thought at National Islamic University, Jakarta. He served as President of Muhammadiyah, the largest modernist Islamic organization in Indonesia from 2005 to 2015, as well as President and Chairman of the Indonesian Council of Ulama. He is also a member of Leadership Council of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solution Network (UNSDSN). He recently initiated the creation of Indonesia’s Movement to Save the Earth (Indonesia Bergerak Selamatkan Bumi) and acts as Chairman of the Movement’s Steering Committee.