Presentasi 2005 -2010


  •  Resource Person in Presentation of Climate Change and Religion, Communion of Churches in Indonesia (Persekutuan Gereja-Gereja Indonesia), November 2010.
  • Facilitator and initiator for Muslim Conference of Climate Change Action. Bogor, Indonesia. April 2010. (the conference attended by 16 countries from the Muslim world).
  • Public speaking as Resource Peson in TV Talkhow” Islam and Climate Change” at Metro TV April 2010.
  • The Climate Project Presentation for Islamic Student Association (Mimpunan Mahasiwa Islam), May 2010.
  • Resource Person, Trainer and Judge for Miss Earth Indonesia Peagent Contest from 2008-2010, on Environment.


  • Invited activist at the Windsor Celebration 2009 (www.windsor2009) for the celebration of many heaven one planet a faith commitment for climate change actions by Alliance of Religion and Conservation (ARC) and UNDP.
  • Invited Scholar and Speaker for Attended World Parliement of Religions Merlbourne, Australia, December 2009.(not attended)
  • Public speaking as Resource Peson in TV Talkhow” Green Lifestyle” at Metro TV Me 26 Agustus 2009.


  • Resource person for Interfaith Dialogue of Religion and Globalization, Challenge and Opportunities, conducted by the Centre for Religious Cross Cultural Studies (CRCS), Gajah Mada University, Jogjakarta.
  • Resource person for International Symposium on Islam and Environment held by Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (Oxford, UK 17-19 October 2008).
  • Presentation at the Centre for Advance Studies for the Arab World (CASAW) at the University of Edinburgh, UK, 23 October 2008.
  • Resource person at the Workshop on Seven Year Plan of Kuwait, paper presented: Indonesia: Muslim Project to Halt the Climate Change, October 28-29, City of Kuwait.
  • Facilitator and Resource person at the Religions and Climate Change Conference, GNKL NU, in Jakarta, 3-5 November 2008.
  • Resorce Person for Workshop: Sharing Ideas for Religion and Environmental Movement, at CRCS & ICRS Gajah Mada University Graduate Program, Jogjakarta, 8-9 November 2008


  • Resource person for several interfaith dialogue in religion and environment such as the Interfaith Movement for Better Jakarta ( Gerakan Iman Peduli Jakarta (Gempita).
  • Resource person for Muslim Student Network of Forestry (JIMKI) at Lampung University (UNILA)
  • Side Event Facilitator for the statement of religious leaders in response to the climate change at the parallel event UNFCCC-COP 13, December 2007, in Bali


  • Key Note Speaker,International Society of Religion of Nature and Culture (ISRNC), Exploring Religion, Nature and Culture. 6-9 april, University of Florida.
  • Tutor and facilitator at the Workshop of Nature Conservation and Religion, with teachers and clerics, held by Conservation International in Batang Gadis National Park. January 2006.
  • Tutor and facilitator at the workshop for Conservation, Religion and Good Governance in Banda Aceh, held by WWF Indonesia, February 2006.
  • Visiting lecturer at Faculty of Biology, National University on Bioethics. (present)
  • Tutor and facilitator at the environmental education workshop Timber for Aceh Program (TFA) held by WWF and Conservation International.


  • Tutor and facilitator at the Workshop of Conservation and Islam, Wakatobi National Park, in Buton held by Conservation International, COREMAP and The World Bank, June 2005.