Earth Day Virtual Seminar: “Care for Our Common Planet: A Catholic-Muslim Earth Day Conversation”

 Organizers: The World Muslim Communities Council(UAE), & Ansari Institute for Global Engagement of Religion, University of Notre Dame ( U.S.A.)

The World Muslims Communities Council, in partnership with Ansari Institute for Global Engagement of Religion, University of Notre Dame, would like to invite scholars, faith leaders and educators to participate in a Webinar “Inter-Faith Care of Common Planet: Catholic-Muslim Earth Day Dialogue” to discuss the role of faith leaders and communities, especially of Islamic and Catholic tradition, in peace building with both nature society, green relief and climate commitment in face of the global pandemic. The Webinar is aimed to further promoting spirit of common humanity, common planet and care of all living things. This webinar calls for leaders and scholars of Catholicism and Islam to discuss and explore the progress & prospect of interreligious peace and sustainable development by mobilizing the efforts of faiths and higher education institutions, and spiritual-intellectual resources. Through religious dialogue and scholarly exchange, the Webinar is expected to lay the foundation for mutual understanding between two traditions and communities, as well as opening new common ground of joint action on maintaining peace and prosperity on the Earth.

TMCC News: Care for Common Planet